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Esdenera Teaser Part 2

The Cloud created new challenges for IT security. The Internet, a global network of servers and networks, turned into a service-oriented platform. Most sensitive data has been entrusted to large global cloud companies. Private information and corporate data have been handed to supposedly secure operators. Large data centers with virtualized environments and complex software stacks have opened up new attack vectors. And most recently, a number of events raised the awareness that threats are not just originating from “evil hackers” but from anyone who could be interested in the data. It's time to wake up.

The importance of domestic cloud operators is increasing once again as they provide competitive solutions and benefit from the trust that the few global cloud companies lost. The demand for improved cloud security is rising, as most customers want to use better Cloud-based services. We cannot turn back the wheel but we can contribute new solutions that have been designed for these environments. Esdenera Networks. Coming soon.