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Esdenera Teaser Part 3

There are a lot of reasons to be concerned about your data. A lot of threats could happen somewhere in the Internet. You entrusted your most sensitive information to large global cloud companies. Are they protecting it well enough? Or do they even share it with somebody else? Even your local data is at risk – but whom can you trust?

At Esdenera, we often start the day pondering about exactly these problems. We think about possibilities to protect our customers that operate clouds independently from the global mainstream. We think about strategies and implementations, and about better networking solutions. We also think about code, C, the kernel, OpenBSD, networking software, hacking, frontend and backend technologies. About all the complexity that is stacked on top of modern IT infrastructures including dead code, obscure layers, and the accumulation of kludge. Sometimes it is good to clean up and to start from scratch.

Esdenera Networks. Coming soon.