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The Esdenera Song

An ensemble of three skilled musicians, Raphaela "Phela" Beer (Violin), Moritz Brimmed (Cello) and Timm Markgraf (Vocals), created this song as an improvised bonus to the music of our upcoming short film. It was performed in the historic church crypt of St. Clemens, Hannover. According to Timm, a guy called “Paddy Padeleck” has written the lyrics. He might not really understand what we are doing, but the song definitely helps to memorize the company’s name: Esdenera.

We like working with creative people who work with excellence, who love what they are doing. People who create unexpected extras like this short song. No matter if they’re musicians, filmmakers, designers or software hackers, artists and engineers create the things that we enjoy. Passionate people create the systems that we trust and depend on. And such people develop Esdenera’s products that will be released in 2014.

The premiere of our short film “We are Esdenera” will be on December 13, 2013 in Hannover and online at

Esdenera Networks. Coming soon.