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We are Esdenera

We intended to create an image clip which turned into an artistic short film about hackers and Internet security. Filmed mostly in slow motion with a Sony FS700 and additionally a Canon 5D Mark II. All music was exclusively written and performed for the film. For more information about Esdenera Networks see
Please also watch our sequel:

«Nerd, computer freak, hacker – that’s what they call us. Hacker – what a cliché. A long-haired, social misfit who can’t score with women, who wears glasses, sitting isolated in his parent’s basement surrounded by three monitor screens and deafening Metal music, who tries to compensate his failures in life by breaking into secret government servers. Personal data, files, passwords, digital identity - floating in the infinity of the Cloud. It’s the currency of our day and age – the overflow of oil in our information society. A cold refreshing Club Mate on a hot late summer afternoon, the “Schwinn” bike for little Bobby on his birthday. A storm is coming in. The enemy never sleeps. Never. He is waiting under your bed while you try to fall asleep. Perfidiously waiting behind a tree to sneak up behind you. There they linger, chuckling in the darkness - poorly dressed password thieves, hijackers invading personal privacy and blackhats developing another virus. We are at war and the battle fields are the networks of this world.
There's utter confusion out there. The people are frightened with undefeatable fear in this post-apocalyptic age of data monitoring and invasion of privacy. You are probably wondering how on earth we can be in this cheerful mood. Wondering how we could possibly be smiling even though we should be crawling into shelters as a security measure against attacks. There is an answer to that. And the answer will hopefully cause the crowd to heave a sigh of relief like they are gasping for air after being without it: We are fighting for you and we are fighting with passion! We are the brave heroes of helpless data, the lovely dawn in the dense information- jungle. We are what others use to polish their car so that it reflects the beautiful autumn leaves. The programing language is our music. Secure Firewalls and OpenBSD are our masterpieces – expressive code like a wonderfully performed theater show including cowboys, death and drama. While our hectic world is being coated with the cloak of eternity, we embrace the moment, let it slowly glide through our fingers and take a deep breath. Those capable of fighting dangers possess the art that provides rest. And calm. Safety and Protection. That is what we are experts in.
We are artists.
We are Esdenera.»